1. Make activity buttons static

    The current design of the buttons 'swapping' with the previously selected activity could be drastically improved. It trades a single icon screen space for giving up the following features:

    • Having muscle memory for where each activity icon is. This is why springboard (iOS launcher) is useful, because you remember where the app icon is, and you tap it, without having to look at it. Without static icon placement, it takes an extra 3-10 seconds at every interaction of the app to start an activity.

    • Reminder visual indication of which activity is currently selected, by highlighting the current activity button like…

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    Thanks for the detailed suggestions.

    As we add more activity types to BabyTime, we are considering providing an ordered arrangement of activity icons instead of the ‘swap’ approach we take now. They’ll still ‘pop’ up though, but when they return they’ll go back to their previous position.

    We may also look to have activity names show for the currently selected activity for reinforcement.

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